Meng Heang Tak 议员为妈祖女神诞辰1061周年晚会致辞

Meng Heang Tak 议员代表多元文化部长

- 妈祖文化协会庆祝妈祖女神诞辰1061周年晚会致辞

The speech of Hon. Meng Heang Tak MP, for Mazu Culture Association for 1061st Birthday Celebration of Goddess Mazu



Meng Heang Tak is an Australian politician. He has been a Labor Party member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly since November 2018, representing the seat of Clarinda. Tak was born in Cambodia, and was a lawyer and broadcaster before entering politics.
Meng Heang Tak是澳大利亚的一位政治家。自 2018 年 11 月以来,担任维多利亚州立法议会的工党成员,代表Clarinda.他出生于柬埔寨,从政前曾做过律师与播音员。


Speech to Mazu Culture Association for 1061st Birthday Celebration of Goddess Mazu - Springvale, Victoria - 15/05/2021

I would like to begin by acknowledging the Traditional Owners of this Land and pay my respects to their Elders, past and present.

It is a great pleasure to be here on behalf of the Minister for Multicultural Affairs, the Honourable Ros Spence MP.

Thank you to Dr Lin for extending an invitation to today's festivities.

In the five years since the establishment of the Mazu Culture Association, your organisation has grown rapidly, working with and for community to promote the Mazu spirit of virtue, good deeds and great love.

Your success is proof that there are cultural, social and economic benefits that come from developing and nurturing a diverse and inclusive society.

The Victorian Government is proud to support this event through our Multicultural Festivals and Events Program. This important grant program enables multicultural communities to celebrate and share their culture and traditions with each other and the broader Victorian community.

This sharing and celebration a「e what we are seeing today, and is such an important part of creating an open and cohesive society.

Thank you for inviting me to join you here this evening and for allowing me to share in the celebration of this important date.

Well done for organising such a wonderful event.

在妈祖文化协会庆祝妈祖女神诞辰1061周年的致辞 -维多利亚州,斯普林维尔-20/05/15

在妈祖文化协会庆祝妈祖女神诞辰1061周年的致辞 -维多利亚州,斯普林维尔-20/05/15

首先,我要感谢这片土地的传统所有者,并向他们的过去和现在的 长者致以敬意。


自妈祖文化协会成立以来的五年中,您的组织发展迅速,与社区合 作并为社区弘扬妈祖的美德,善行和大爱精神。

您的成功证明,发展和培养一个多元化和包容性的社会所带来文化, 社会和经济利益。

维多利亚州政府很荣幸通过我们的多元文化节日和活动计划来支持 这个活动。这个重要的经费计划使多元文化成为可能,让多元文化 社区之间、以及更广泛的维多利亚州社区,相互庆祝和分享自己的 文化和传统。

我们今天所看到的这种共享和庆祝,是建立开放和凝聚力社会的重 要组成部分。

感谢您邀请我参加今晚的盛会,并允许我一起分享这一重要日子的 庆祝活动。


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